Real-time prediction of the prediabetes risk

Prediabetes risk

36% European Adults live with undiagnosed diabetes, which can results in life-threatening complications if not timely and correctly treated.

541M adults have a «blood glucose level higher than normal but not high enough to be considered diabetes» (IDF Diabetes Atlas 10th edition).

The “Impaired fasting glucose” in an intermediate condition also called PREDIABETES, because it can anticipate the onset of the type-2 diabetes

Most importantly, Prediabetes is reversible, if early and correctly diagnosed, by healthy lifestyles interventions such as healthy diet and constant physical activity (WHO 2014 and IDF reccomendations)

Preventing diabetes with AI

PRAESIIDIUM will develop a tool based on artificial intelligence coupled with multi-scale, multi-organ integrated mathematical equations for the real-time prediction of the prediabetes risk of an individual.

The prediction algorithm will draw on a rich set of information for training, derived from prior clinical data, the individual’s family history, and a pilot study testing wearable sensors that will provide glucose, bioimpedance, and heart rate monitoring.

The PRAESIIDIUM platform will be made available to healthcare professionals and patients for an easier data entering and results query and it will be linked to common wearable sensors to monitor the physical activity.

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The research project PRAESIIDIUM has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON-HLTH-2022-STAYHLTH-02 programme under grant agreement no. 101095672

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HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

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5.808.740 €

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36 months