Unveiling the future of personalized diabetes prevention: harnessing the power of multiscale modelling with the Mission-Type 2 Diabetes (MT2D) model

Giugno 4, 2024

By seamlessly integrating with AI methodologies within the PRAESIIDIUM project, the pioneering MT2D computational model aims to revolutionize personalized Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) prevention through the creation of a digital twin of the human metabolic and inflammatory system. This sophisticated model intricately simulates how individual dietary and activity habits influence overall health, offering unparalleled insights into personal metabolic and inflammatory states.


MT2D operates across multiple levels of biological complexity, from the molecular and cellular to organs and the entire body. By integrating subject-specific features, MT2D ensures both generalization and bespoke customization, making it a highly versatile tool.


Key components of MT2D include:

  • food intake and digestion: modelling the digestion and absorption of mixed meals, encompassing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • physical activity impact: accounting for the hormonal regulation effects of physical activity.
  • interleukin-6 secretion: describing the dual role of interleukin-6 as an adipokine (adipose tissue-derived cytokine) and myokine (muscle-derived cytokine), highlighting its secretion by skeletal muscles during activity and adipose tissue at rest.
  • energy balance: characterizing the energy intake-expenditure balance that influences weight gain or loss.
  • immunological profiling: detailing the subject’s immunological status.


These components are seamlessly integrated into a unified simulation tool, providing a comprehensive view of an individual’s metaflammatory status. The potential for this tool is immense, as it could leverage artificial intelligence and digital twin technology to proactively prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.


By offering a systemic and personalized perspective on personal health via MT2D and AI, PRAESIIDIUM is set to become an indispensable asset in the fight against diabetes, paving the way for highly personalized and effective preventive strategies.


By Paolo Tieri, Maria Concetta Palumbo, Alessandro Ravoni, Paola Stolfi, Barbara De Filippo (CNR-IAC, IT)